Preparation of ASIC Forms

from $330 (GST inclusive) lodged online

Many ASIC forms can be completed for you with all relevant minutes/resolutions and other necessary documentation provided including the following:

  • Change to any Company Addresses
  • Changes to Officeholders/Shareholders
  • Changes to Shares
  • Notification of Resolution
  • Application to omit the word "Limited" - $351

What is included in the Preparations of ASIC Forms Package?

  • Members' resolution (as required)
  • Directors' resolution (as required)
  • Copy of ASIC Forms (as required)
  • Share Certificates (extra charges applies)

How long do the preparation of ASIC Forms take?

Your documents will be completed by XYZ Accounting staff the same business day for all orders placed before 4pm and posted to you overnight. Any ASIC Form 484s will be lodged on this day, or for orders where you have requested to personally sign the Form 484 (additional $22) the ASIC Form 484 will be lodged upon receipt by XYZ Accounting of the signed form.

Any changes which require ASIC forms to be signed by an Officeholder of the Company will be prepared and posted to you overnight to be lodged by XYZ Accounting upon receipt of the signed form.

Some changes may take longer, for example to omit the word "Limited" from a Limited By Guarantee Company name must go through an ASIC approval process which usually takes approximately 2 months.

How to Order

Order Preparation of ASIC Forms online

Order Preparation of ASIC Forms by fax/ email