Accounts Payable and Receivable

We can be your accounts department

When you run a growing business it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of who’s paid you and who hasn’t, as well as stay on top of all the bills that you need to pay yourself!

XYZ Accounting understands when you run a business it can be difficult to keep on top of your accounts. Cash Flow Management is an important aspect of any business, and paying your bills on time builds value with your suppliers.

Large companies have the resources to employ in-house accounts payable and receivable officers, but you don’t need to be a huge company to do the same – we can do it for you!

Xero facilitates a peer-to-peer communication function for each expenditure item in the bank reconciliation, so we can be sure each item has been allocated to the correct account in your ledger.

How it works

Email or mail copies of all your invoices and supplier statements to your unique email address and let XYZ Accounting do the rest.


Accounts Receivable

We can prepare and issue invoices for you, send them to your clients, keep track of who has paid, and who hasn’t paid. We can determine which invoice they paid against and provide you with regular reporting so you can see where things are at.

At XYZ Accounting, we see the value in sending out invoices in a timely manner with the correct information, this will reduce debtor disputes and raise your profile with customers.

We can also chase payments by sending reminder emails and making reminder calls to your clients for you. You can learn more about this service on our debtor management page.

When it comes to Debtor Collection, we often see clients writing off amounts owing rather than follow up for payment. This may be because the owner or manager of the business is either:

  • Embarrassed to chase the payment because of the length of time it has taken to realise they still have outstanding invoices
  • Making phone calls to late payers may harm client relations
  • Too careful not to offend clients

Accounts Payable

We can receive bills directly from your suppliers, set up payments via internet banking, and reconcile supplier statements monthly to make sure no suppliers are missed or overpaid. You will always be able to see exactly how much you owe.

Outsource your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to XYZ Accounting by contacting us today!