Superannuation Refund

Temporary residents, such as backpackers, 457 visa holders and international students are entitled to claim the superannuation paid by their employers upon leaving the country permanently.

What is Superannuation?

Superannuation, commonly referred to as Super, is a way to save for your retirement. The money comes from contributions made into your super fund by your employer and, as an option, can be  topped up by your own money. Sometimes the government will add to it through co-contributions and the low income super contribution.

Your employer must pay 9.5% of your salary into a super fund. This is called the Super Guarantee and it's the law. The Super Guarantee will gradually increase to 12% in coming years.

What is a Superannuation Refund?

Temporary residents are able to claim approximately 62% of their Super balance, after deducting 38% of Australian tax and the superannuation fund’s fee.

*Australian, Permanent visa holder and NZ residents cannot claim superannuation back (including dual citizenship).

Eligibility for a Superannuation Refund

You can claim your super benefits, that have accumulated while working in Australia if all of the following apply:

· You visited Australia on a temporary visa (excluding visa subclasses 405 and 410)

· Your visa has ceased to be in effect

· You have left Australia 

Check before a Superannuation Refund

The details of your superannuation fund (you should have received a letter or membership card after your Super fund was opened)

Your membership number

The balance of your fund

Find Out Your Superannuation Fund

If you don’t know where your super money is, contact your Australian employers to find out which super fund they paid it to on your behalf.

Alternatively, you can look it up online via the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) online lost superannuation search tool, SuperSeeker.

To use SuperSeeker, you will need:

1.your tax file number

2.your full name

3.your date of birth

Documents You Need

1. A copy of the photo page of your Passport

2. A copy of your Visa or Email from immigration

3. A copy of your Departure Stamp if possible

4. A departure stamp is sometimes necessary depending on superannuation fund. In case you don’t receive it, please do not worry. We offer alternative solutions.


How Much Can You Get?

Approximately 62% of your balance after deducting 38% Australian tax and superannuation fund’s fee.

It is recommended that you check the balance of superannuation.

To check the balance, you could contact your superannuation fund.


 How do I proceed?

1. Submit Online

Fill in your personal details and superannuation details.

You receive a confirmation email upon your submission.

2. Documents Submission

You will receive an email from us. If necessary, post your documents to us by following the instruction in the email.

3. Our Preparation

We prepare and submit your application, and deal with any correspondence with your superannuation fund.

4. Get Your Money

Just wait for your super refund. You usually receive your super refund by mail in approximately 1 -2 months.

5. Change to Your Currency

You will receive an Australian dollar (AUD) cheque. Take the cheque to a bank in your country, they will convert it to your required currency.