Business Tax Return Checklist

Please provide a backup of your electronic data file / and or manual cashbook – indicate what software you use (version, etc.) and format of your backup (i.e. floppy disk, CD, etc.)

- Bank Reconciliation – copy of Reconciliation as at 30th June for all Bank Accounts
- Copy of Bank Statement(s) – for all Accounts showing account balance as at 30th June (this includes Loan Accounts)
- Print-out of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statement for the financial year (with comparison figures from previous financial year if available)
- Print-out of Accounts Receivable (Debtors – What is Owed to You) Summary as at 30th

End of Financial Year Data  

- Print-out of Accounts Payable (Creditors – What You Owe) Summary as at 30th June
- Details of assets acquired and/or disposed of during financial year, including:- type of assets, date of acquisition/disposal and consideration paid/received
- Lease or HP agreements (if new) or documents for purchase of motor vehicles, premises, equipment and/or any other capital expenditures
- Details of any new loans taken out during the financial year and their purpose
- PAYG Withholding Annual Summary and PAYG Summaries (Group Certificates) issued for financial year.
  (Please disregard if this was prepared by us – also, if you have issued more than 10 PAYG Summaries please only provide a spreadsheet listing details of all the PAYG Summaries issued)
- Copy of WorkCover Annual Certification for financial year (Please disregard if this was prepared by us)
- Copy(s) of all Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Instalment Activity Statements and (IAS) lodged during financial year (Please disregard any of these that were lodged by us)
- Please provide details of bad debts actually written off during financial year
- Please look through your last year’s Depreciation Schedule and identify any items that may be obsolete or written off during financial year – provide date of event. Also, verify that this is a true reflection of the Asset Register of             the entity (other than items purchased during the financial year)
- Please provide a Closing Stock value as at 30th June of the financial year (Please disregard this item if you do not carry trading stock)
- Please provide Motor Vehicle Log Books (if available) for all Motor Vehicles operated through the business. Please note that Log Books need to be not more than 5 years old for each vehicle. List each vehicle in your business and indicate if valid Log Books are available.